Fabric wristbands, often called festival wristbands, are an extremely popular option where durability and security are key requirements for admission control to events, especially if they are outdoor and required to last more than one day. Not only do they look great and serve their purpose well, they are an excellent branding and marketing tool as many people continue to wear their bands long after the event as a memento band of honour. 


You can choose to have your band in woven or printed styles. Sublimation printing on a soft satin wristband can be full colour and a woven polyester wristband can include UV weaves and metallic (lurex) threads for that extra individuality and security. Once you have decided on a style there are a multitude of closures from which you can choose from. You can even colour match your closure/clasp to match your band design.  


Band templates can be found on the ordering information page and we can help you design your own unique personalised fabric wristband, pantone matching colours if required. One size should fit all but please let us know if you have any unusual requests.

*New* Flexi Wristbands

These new Flexi wristbands are the perfect solution for situations where durability, reusability and comfort are important.

They are printable both inside and out with excellent clarity, detail and colour. 

  • Made from soft elastic and comfortable to wear all while being durable
  • Printable inside and outside (example: inside emergency contact number)
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Reusable

Eco Friendly Fabric Wristbands

These eco-friendly wristbands are made from the recycled material rPET.


What is rPET?

PET (or Polyethylene terephthalate) is a strong but lightweight form of polyester and is one of the most
common plastics in the world. Water bottles are made from PET. PET is recycled polyester which is strong

and durable. It is produced by collecting, sorting and recycling PET and then refining the material

into flakes which can then be turned into new products, such as fabric.

Glow-In-The-Dark Fabric Wristbands

Once the glow in the dark yarn has been exposed to sunlight during the day it will then glow once it is dark.

Reflective Fabric Wristbands

The reflective grey strip across the band shines brightly against light shining against it making it very visible.

Woven or Printed Fabric Wristbands

There are two main types of fabric wristband which is the clip closure style and the slide closure style. For both styles you can have them woven or printed. Below you will find various options available to help you make your choice.

Band Styles

                    Clip Closure (260mm)                                                     L-shape (260mm)                                                Slide Closure (350mm)

                                                                                        *The L-Shaped band is only available woven


*The small white clip is non-standard

                 Aluminium Ring                                      Flat Plastic Slide                                Oval Plastic Slide                               Bead Plastic Slide

*Please note that a crimping tool is required for the aluminium ring

Please see the templates on the ordering information page for other closure colours available

Wristband Design

                          Weave - Up to 8 weave colours available                                                                                Printed - Full colour

Special Extras: Weaves

                                                                                        UV weave

                                     Lurex (Metallic) weave     

Special Extras: Data

                              Numbering                                                                    Barcode                                                                           RFID

Barcodes / QR codes are available printed, woven or on plastic cards as shown.



Should you have any requirements not shown on this page please do contact us as there are many options available.

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