Fabric Wristbands

Often referred to as Festival Wristbands; these are the most secure wristband available especially when used with the aluminium enclosures. They are tough, strong and durable making them perfect for long lasting events like festivals. 


These types of fashionable band are often worn long after the event has finished, like a band of honour, so they make an ideal marketing tool! 


See our sister site fabricbands.com for more information.


There are multiple types of closure available from one time use to reusable. Below are some examples:

slide closures for fabric wristbands
slide closures

Slide closures. Available in a variety of colours and shapes, used on the 350mm long bands. The black closure would be the most popular colour chosen. The inside teeth ensure the closure can only slide one way.

reusable closure for fabric wristbands
reusable closure

Reusable closures. Used for 350mm long bands. The spring closure being the most popular reusable option. Ideal if you'd like to reuse your wristbands.

clip closures for fabric wristbands
clip closures

Clip closures and aluminium closures. Clip closures for the 260mm long bands are snapped together to lock the closure in place. Aluminium closures for the 350mm bands require a  crimping tool to squash them in place.

Types of Fabric wristband


woven fabric wristband
woven fabric wristband

Up to 8 colours available including the band colour. You can choose UV and Lurex (metallic yarn) with these bands for that extra special touch. 

Printed Satin

printed satin fabric wristband
printed satin fabric wristband

Popular - Printed full colour, these are very lightweight and soft with great print definition. 

Printed Polyester

printed polyester fabric wristband
printed polyester fabric wristband

Printed sublimation full colour; these are a heavier more robust material than the satin.

Printed rPET Polyester

printed rpet polyester fabric wristband
printed rpet polyester fabric wristband

These eco-friendly bands are made from recycled polyester (rPET). Also available with bamboo closures. 

There are three standard sizes available for the fabric bands...

  • 350mm x 15mm for slide closures
  • 260mm x 15mm for clip closures
  • 260mm x 15mm for clip closures (L-Shape design)

The templates can be found below


Slide Closure Layout 350mm
Layout of Slide Closure style fabric wristband with a selection of closures available
Slide Closure Layout 350mm.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB
Clip Closure Layout 260mm
Layout of Clip Closure style fabric wristband with a selection of closures available
Clip closure Layout 260mm.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB
L-Shape Layout 260mm
Layout of L-Shape style fabric wristband
L Shape Layout 260mm.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB

Extras: Ask us about...

UV Yarn
Metallic (Lurex) Weave


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Crimping tool

fabric wristband crimping tool
fabric wristband crimping tool

Should you choose to have your bands supplied with aluminium slide closures you will require a crimping tool to squash the aluminium closure and keep the closure in place. This is the most robust closure you can get and you will definitely need to cut the band to remove it!


Crimping tools are available at £9.99 + VAT each.